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Frequently asked Questions



The Novice (The New Guy or Gal)

If you think you are unteachable, no worries we will teach you how to fish.  It's as easy as riding a bike.  Free full fishing instructions on board.  Just ask the crew for help.



You can bring your own food and drinks.  We also have a galley, but you have to check before your trip. We have a microwave that you can use to heat up your food.


We strongly suggest buying your tickets in advance online.  Tickets can be purchased at the boat, but that will be first come first serve basic.


What to bring:

Dress for the weather.  On the water it can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler.  Also bring sunblock, the sun will reflex off the water like a tanning bed and you will get a burn, So protect yourself with sunblock.  Sneakers, Jeans, Cool hats, nice shades, funny tees and a  small coolers packed with a lunch are great ideas and welcomed.   Bring a rag, maybe wipes for the kids, you might need them.  (Glad you thought of this)


Rods, Reels, Bait & Tackle:

Rod rental fee is $5.00 per person, tackle is priced accordingly.  Bait is given for free to all customers, but if abused we will charge.  When you use one of our rods & reels check it to ensure that it is working properly.  If you break, damage, or drop a rod in the water you will be charged for it.  Lost Rod & Reel fee is $100.00, absolutely no exceptions or excuses.


Bathrooms (The Heads)

There are two onboard Male and Female.  Both have running fresh water that is filtered also Toilet paper, & hand soap.  Sometimes the bathrooms can get a little messy and need might need a touch up.  No problem just ask one of the crew and they will freshen it up for you. 


Fish caught:

Almost all fish caught in NYS waters have Regulations.  This is for the self-preservation of the species.   We will enforce these laws as stated on the NYS DEC website.  These regulations are posted on the vessel in several areas.   We will not keep or clean illegal fish.


Fish Cleaning:

Fish cleaning is done  near or at the end of the trip. Just bring your fish to the back of the boat and ask one of the crew.  Please keep in mind that the deckhands work for tips, please do not forget the fellows. On the porgry, Sea Bass trips we do charge for fish cleaning.  Please ask before you want your fish cleaned.        (It can be up to $25.00 for a full bucket of porgies to be cleaned.  Please ask before you have your fish cleaned)



Don’t go crazy looking for parking, we have our own parking lot.  Look through the website for the location and remember to park and lock.  After your trip please remove your car immediately from the lot for it will be closed.  We will tow all vehicles at owner's expense if you park in our lot and go elsewhere.








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